I love my Love List, it helps me be grateful for the small things and to remind myself to slow down.

– Angela C, Victoria

I love the Love List. I am using it everyday. It reminds me to love myself enough, nourish my body and look after myself.

Honestly, at times I get frustrated and stressed out but the Love List reminds me. I am so grateful, I have got a lovely husband who always supports me and have lovely friends always there for me. More than that I am so healthy and happy. The Love List really inspired me. I would recommend it to others. 

– Tina Mai, Melbourne

Mel is one of the most genuine and honest people I know. Her daily stories and updates leave you wanting to high five, cry, do a little dance, jump for joy as you shout “yes! It’s not just me” or do a mic drop – often all at the same time.

Her blogs are real, honest and raw. The products she sells have been born from wanting to better herself and empower others to do the same. They have genuinely been what has helped her and now she wants to share that knowledge with others. For anyone wanting encouragement, to feel part of a community, to feel welcomed and like they are not alone, In Mel’s Mind is the place you want to go.

– Rebecca S, Adelaide

This last year has been one of the hardest of my life, going through separation with my husband after being together for 19 years and learning to be a single parent of three has been challenging. 

Mel has always been there through all of the emotions of dealing with the challenges, even though we’ve never met in person.

I respect her like a best friend and always know that she doesn’t ever judge me but only guide me to how I’m feeling.

Mel is such a beautiful kind hearted soul and I’m so glad she made her Love List available. It has certainly guided me to put myself as an option.

– Carissa N, Adelaide

I can’t express in words how much it helped me to have a one to one with Mel. She is a kind and humble soul. I feel so relieved after venting out. She listened to all of it patiently and gave me genuine and unbiased views about it & practical steps I could take. Thank you so much Mel!

– Tina G, Adelaide

I have known Mel for almost two years now and I’m extremely honoured to say that she is an incredibly dedicated and enthusiastic woman who continues to display a strong moral character.

I am so blessed to call her my friend. Mel’s ability to display genuine empathy to those around her is just so beautiful to witness.

She shows a great in depth ability to build genuine rapport with those she comes into contact with. Her passion is clearly visible and she especially loves empowering women and encouraging self growth mindset.

– Angela G, Melbourne

If there’s any list you need in your life, it’s this one. As a busy mum, I’m always finding myself prioritising everyone else before myself.

The Love List helped me to still complete my to do list, but add myself to the centre of it. It served as my daily reminder to take time for me too and I can’t be more grateful to the beautiful Mel for creating it that way.

– Steph M, NSW

I’m so glad I purchased the Love List from Mel as it helps daily to take care of me. From the reminder to drink more water and look after my body and my mind, to writing down what I’m grateful for and also a space to write a to do list of what I get to do for the day, as I like to be organised.

Mel is such a wonderful, beautiful and caring soul and I’m so glad I’ve had the chance to connect with such an amazing lady. 

– Holly P, South Australia

I’ve had the privilege of interviewing Mel on multiple occasions now. I have always been blown away by her honesty, willingness to share her story in order to empower other women and let them know that they are not alone. Mel is someone who can talk the talk because she HAS walked the walk.

– Hayley T, South Australia

Thank you Mel, your Love List’s are just GORGEOUS and I absolutely adore using it as part of my daily self care ritual. You are an inspiration and I love following your journey.

– Rhiana G, South Australia

Mel has such a gift. Her ability to connect with people, and how she seems to know the right things to say at the right times. There is a lot to be said about being real, and relatable. Mel is encouraging, inspiring, and motivating while also being understanding, empathetic, and realistic. She really is just an amazing person with a unique and positive approach that resonates with so many. I am truly grateful for finding ‘In Mel’s Mind’ as she had helped me through some dark times, without even realising it. Never too busy to respond to a message, her encouragement and support has meant a lot to me.

– Suzette, Melbourne