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30 days of Gratitude – Today I am grateful for

Life is fast. Between work, errands, children and chores we don’t stop. Everywhere we turn we are being told by media and marketing to do more, get more, be more. It can be consuming and we end up focussing on all the areas that we think we’re lacking.

Practising gratitude has actually got me through some really hard times. Listing all the reasons I have to be grateful is a very powerful way to turn our focus on to all that we DO HAVE rather than what we don’t.

Each day for 30 days list one (or more if you like) things that you are grateful for. You will be surprised at how quickly you start to naturally feel grateful for everything!

Some examples could be “Today I am grateful for my health,” “Today I am grateful for my home”, “Today I am grateful for my family” etc etc.

30 days of positive affirmations – I AM

We become what we focus on, and all too often we focus on all the things we are not. It doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people to speak positively of themselves. The thing is we wouldn’t dare say the negative things we say to ourselves to someone we loved. We tell them all the wonderful things they are. It’s time to turn some of that love and positivity on to ourselves. We are worthy of it!!

I have practiced this for a few years now. It felt a bit silly at first, but the more I did it the easier it became. This is one of the vital steps I took in gaining self worth.

For 30 days list one (or more if you like) positive “I am” affirmation for yourself and really allow yourself to believe it. If you’re really having trouble believing it you may want to repeat the same affirmation day after day until you feel it sinking in. Whatever you need to hear and believe from yourself.

After the 30 days is over you can look back at the list and see how far you’ve come then do it all over again.

Some examples might be “I am worthy & valuable,” “I am at peace with who I am,” “I am enough” or absolutely anything that is positive and encouraging to you.