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  • Self-Care Bingo is a 30 day ‘game’ where each day a number is called with a self-care activity for you to complete & cross off of the corresponding number on your template.
  • Your membership entitles you to life time access to the self-care bingo facebook group.
  • You become a VIP to receive 10% off of all future products & services purchases.


**Next round starting Monday 11th October 2021**
Self-Care Bingo is a 30 day ‘game’ where each day a number is called with a self-care activity for you to complete & cross off of the corresponding number on your template.
Practicing self-care is the key to building self worth. Self-Care Bingo is a fun, interactive & supportive way for you to implement self-care and self worth in to your life. And no it’s not all face masks & pedicures. Self-care is so much more than that, although pampering is still a very healthy form of self-care.
You only pay once! This membership includes lifetime access to the Self-Care Bingo facebook group where you can play a round whenever you feel like jumping in, as well as having continuous support from the other group members. You will also become a VIP which entitles you to 10% all products and services forever.

8 reviews for Self-Care Bingo – Membership

  1. Samantha – Bee Kind To Yourself (verified owner)

    I am participating in the first selfcare bingo. Such an amazing idea and a supportive friendly community Mel is creating. Wonderful content and selfcare ideas! Definitely reccomend to get your selfcare journey started! I love getting my notification each night that Mel has posted the next days selfcare practice and cant wait to see what other ideas come to life!

  2. Cat (verified owner)

    We’re half way through the first round and there are already some amazing ways in which we can incorporate self-care. Some seem so simple yet have such a huge impact. Without the reminder, I definitely wouldn’t have gotten around to them. I can feel my habits changing.
    I’m also one who loves to ask questions and the vibe in the group is full of support and understanding. We are all in it together and it feels safe, even when expressing you weren’t able to get something crossed off or if you’ve slightly fallen behind. There is 0 pressure which suits me just fine. I take comfort knowing that it will always be there and I fully trust and look forward to the evolution of Mel’s Selfcare Bingo x

  3. Mel (verified owner)

    I love this self care bingo, it is such an eye opener to many ways we can care for oursleves and love ourselves a little more, after all we deserve it! Simple steps that will in turn create a much happier life, with a supporting facebook group that is there to help guide you and is non judgemental.
    I really reccomend Self Care bingo 🙂

  4. Jessica (verified owner)

    I love Mel’s self care bingo! The tasks are constructive, quick, impactful and absolutely achievable even for the busy woman juggling all things! Something that I really appreciate is the ability to stay within the Facebook group beyond the month long bingo round. It means that you can participate in future rounds which alleviates any pressure to complete every task right on time. It’s something that you can come back to again and again. It’s such a fantastic concept and I can’t wait to participate in future rounds!

  5. Cat (verified owner)

    Being a part of self-care bingo has reminded me how even the simplest of tasks can be undertaken to feel a sense of achievement. Knowing that you took a step to making your life easier, less cluttered and more purposeful is incredibly rewarding.
    I’m also enjoying the second month even more than the first as I’m more prepared about what to expect and completing the tasks now feel much more natural, almost as if a habit is forming. I’m so grateful that I decided to do this for myself, signing up truly was the first act of self-care.

  6. Samantha Bonanno, Bee Kind To Yourself (verified owner)

    I Loved the first round of Selfcare Bingo. Fantastic and insightful information from Mel and a great support system! It has helped me realise that I have time to do those little things for myself instead of putting them off for weeks bcoz im busy with everything else. I would definitely reccomend this to anyone. Im looking forward to participating in more selfcare bingo rounds with the lifetime membership!

  7. Rebecca

    I played my first round during the month of July and it coincided with the beginning of lockdown here for us in Sydney. There were some numbers I didn’t do because of lockdown or that I modified to be able to enjoy at home, and some I did over & over and am working on making a daily or weekly habit.

    I’m going to continue to play to help make these self care practices daily, weekly & monthly habits.

    I found it wonderful to have the group to help with accountability it has a really community feel and was great to have support to get tasks done.

    The tasks are wonderfully insightful, there is so much information & care put into each task by Mel & each one meets a need and serves a purpose beyond just fluffy external needs self care.

    Would recommend to anyone looking to up their self care game, especially those who are always the helper taking care of everyone else.

  8. Gabby

    Loved the concept!! The fact that everything is so well explained, you’re guided through the process, there is wonderful community of like minded people to share with and the flexibility of the program is amazing!
    Would highly recommend to anyone who requires gentle reminders to practise self care on a regular basis ♡

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