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No idea where to start and need some guidance?

Book a 1:1 consult with me and lets start from the beginning.

You’ll get access to me, all my tips & the opportunity to ask any questions while we structure out a game plan for you.

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So you’re a mum, and a partner, and a daughter, and a loyal friend, and a hard worker and…………. that list could go on forever. The point is you are so many different things to so many different people that you’ve lost touch with who you actually are, IF you were even fortunate enough to have been in touch with that girl before you became all the things to all the people. If this sounds like you I have good news. Firstly you are not alone, and secondly there is a way that you can still carry all of the titles you do WHILE being connected and aligned to yourself. How good would it feel to have ‘MYSELF’ as your number one title and really live like it?

After personally spending over 30 years on the self sacrificing hamster wheel, it wasn’t until anxiety took such a hold on my mental & physical state that I realised everything had to change. But I had to find a way to do this for myself while still being a mother, wife, daughter, friend & working. As much as I wanted to Eat, Pray, Love my way out of this, it was not an option, and even if it was quite frankly I wouldn’t have taken it because I want to be all of the things that I am, I just wanted, no I needed to be more of me.

Believe it or not self-care is where it all started & it grew from there. No I’m not talking about bubble baths & pedicures. It’s the art of learning to honour your time, beliefs, desires, values & worth. Something that doesn’t come naturally to us mum’s, but it is in fact the number one life hack to master in order to live the free & empowered life you deserve & it is my honour and pleasure to show you how.

  • Creating space & time for you
  • Realising &/or rediscovering your personal standards
  • Setting boundaries both emotionally & physically
  • Meeting, loving & respecting yourself where you are at TODAY

Book a 1:1 call with me and lets start from the beginning.

You’ll get access to me, all my tips & the opportunity to ask any questions while we structure out a game plan for you.

Upon purchase you will receive an email with a link to my calendar where you can schedule your call via zoom or phone & Voxer access.

Your 7 days Voxer access starts the day following your 1:1 call in order to give you time to process the call and get the most out of the 7 days of follow up Voxer support.


*Due to the nature of this service there are no refunds.


5 reviews for 1:1 Call – 90 minute call with 7 days full Voxer access

  1. Tina

    I can’t express in words how much it helped me to have a one to one with Mel. She is a kind and humble soul. I feel so relieved after talking everything out. She listened to all of it patiently and gave me genuine and unbiased views about it & practical steps I could take. Thank you so much Mel!

  2. Jenai

    Mel you are so down to earth! A beautiful, kind person that is so easy to talk to & I love that you’re a mum & totally understand mum life.

    Thank you so much for your time, energy & honest words. I wasn’t sure what I wanted help with but within 2 minutes you had helped me pin point a story I had about myself & had been holding on to for maybe 20 years!

    I’m so grateful for you listening & understanding where I’m at & where I want to be & showing me the steps to take to get there.

    I definitely want to work with you again!

    To anyone that is feeling overwhelmed or lost & needs someone who feels safe like a friend to shed light & give perspective, I highly recommend working with Mel.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Mel!

  3. Rhi

    Thank you Mel for such a safe, non-judgemental space to unpack “all the things”.
    Your energy is magical! I feel so much lighter after each conversation, more at ease with where I am at and stronger within myself to look after me!
    Your advice and guidance has been priceless.
    Thank you so so much 💜

  4. Ru

    I am so incredibly grateful to have crossed paths with Mel. Our chat left me feeling full of hope and truly listened to. Mel is so genuine and passionate. It’s a great feeling to speak with someone who you know is in your corner and wants you to win in life.

  5. Melissa

    In just an hour conversation, Mel did for me what past therapy has not done, she gave me space to dare to dream again. Not only dream, but some practical strategies on how to start walking towards that vision. She gave me space to download decades of hurt and lovingly brought me to the realisation that I can stop being the victim and start creating the life I want. Mel, I can’t wait to work with you again!

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