Homeschool made easy

I’ve had lots of mums reach out to me over the past few weeks regarding homeschooling because overnight the government announced that we are all teachers now. Don’t panic! I’m going to talk you through how to make homeschool easy.

I’ve only been doing this gig for eight months and am not in any way an expert, but I can share with you what’s working for us;

  1. A schedule. This doesn’t need to be a colour coded spreadsheet (unless you want it to be 😉). It can be handwritten on a piece of paper in the form of a to-do list. It can be as simple as stating your starting time & list in order what subjects you will work through. This means you don’t have to think on your feet when little people ask “what do I do now?” and it also gives the child a sense of structure and motivation when they can see there’s an end to what they need to get done. 
  2. Do it first thing in the morning. Allow enough time for everyone to wake up, eat breakfast and get ready, but that’s it. This way you’re not having to drag them away from other activities to get their school work done. Those activities are the motivation and reward for finishing the school work. 
  3. Exercise. It helps them to focus and somehow just makes them nicer people 🤷🏻‍♀️ Little circuits, goofing around on your back lawn with a ball or a HIIT workout on YouTube. It only needs to be for 20 minutes. We’ve found this works best for us first thing before school work.
  4. Take some time for your self EVERYDAY! I cannot emphasise this enough. Do not underestimate the power of a cup of tea and five minutes alone. This is why Steve Jobs invented the iPad. Use it 😉
  5. Remember this is a part of your day, not your entire day. You still have a life to live, a business to run and a home to keep. Don’t let it consume you. I find the get in, get it done and get out approach best. Homeschool should be made to easily fit in to your life.
  6. Have fun with it. It’s not permanent. You won’t break your child. For most children this is literally the best time of their lives. They get to stay home from school without faking a sickie. This is the time they will talk about in years to come with their spouse and they will both say “remember how much fun it was when school closed and we got to stay home?!” – Let them have this memory. You’re their parent first. They need their parent way more than they need a teacher right now.

Anyway I hope this is in someway helpful to those of you who feel in over their heads. You’ve got this! Homeschool really can be made easy.

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