You are enough, you’ve actually always been enough, now it’s time to live like it.

In Mels Mind

Welcome. Hi, I’m Mel.

Mother to 5, blogger, self-love advocate.

As a woman and a mother I know what it is to get lost in it all.

The day to day of children, chores, work, errands. Countless hours of giving yourself. It’s a lot for anyone on a perfect day.

The reality is that at some point you’ve also had to deal with a curve ball or two on top of everyday life. Whether it be stress, anxiety, grief, illness, or lacking in self confidence, you simply feel overwhelmed with it all. I have been there. 

This is where MY journey started.

I emphasise the word MY because until that point I was living life for other people on their terms. I’ve dedicated the past eight years to righting this wrong. Coming undone just enough to rescue that little girl inside and walk her in to the confident woman she is today. The woman she was always destined to be.

Life can be difficult at times, but the real you is strong enough to withstand it all and come out the other end thriving, not just surviving. It is my passion and privilege to assist all women do the same. To put themselves first without guilt and truly step in the confidence of who they actually are.

I believe that every woman deserves to live in the truth that she is already enough. I’m passionate about helping you find that confidence through encouragement, self care and love.

“Thank you Mel, your Love List’s are just GORGEOUS and I absolutely adore using it as part of my daily self care ritual. You are an inspiration and I love following your journey.”

– Rhiana G, South Australia

“I love my Love List, it helps me be grateful for the small things and to remind myself to slow down.”

– Angela C, Victoria.

“I’ve had the privilege of interviewing Mel on multiple occasions now. I have always been blown away by her honesty, willingness to share her story in order to empower other women and let them know that they are not alone. Mel is someone who can talk the talk because she HAS walked the walk.”

– Hayley T, South Australia

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